Do I walk away? Do I turn around? THESE ARE thoughts and emotions that every couple faces during those last days. And, no matter how much you argue, talk, scream, and make up; you always seem to be IN THE DARK.

Well written and dramatically accurate, IN THE DARK embodies the feelings that dwell at the base of a broken relationship. “Used to shine so bright”, as he remembers the good days, “All we do is fight, fight, fight”, as she harmonizes about the present. All lovers can relate to this process of recognizing that the end of “Us” is in sight.  Pleading “why oh why”, every man can let this song simple speak for him while every woman uses it to explain why there is that feeling of being IN THE DARK.

Shirley Stewart has surrounded himself with music for as long as he can remember. Inspired by the Bajan music of his youth, there was never any doubt as to what his life’s ambition and work would be. As a teenager, Shirley became the lead singer of a popular Barbadian band known as The Escorts. When Shirley Stewart moved to the United Sates in his early twenties, one of his first achievements was to write and record what was to become his most important work up to that point – a song called Walk Away From Love. This song became a mega hit throughout the Caribbean and worldwide selling well in excess of 300,000 copies.  Shorten artist bio section of One-sheet….

Recently a chance meeting introduced Shirley Stewart to a producer named Sepp Herbert (JSepp Productions) and almost immediately these two “clicked” and a musical transformation was born. Within weeks of this meeting, they were in the studio recording Shirley’s newest single In The Dark.

Shirley Stewart’s artistic talents are very much a showcase of his musical background. He has enjoyed writing and performing in many different styles – calypso, reggae, ballads, rock, etc. Over the years Shirley has toured all over Europe and the Caribbean.  His amazing talent will surely be the force which propels this latest project, In The Dark, to a new high, and one that Shirley Stewart has always been destined to achieve.  Song write up…..