Bio-picture-e1365794025150“I have always had this fire within, now its time to let it out.”

There comes a time in life where a new energy, a new force is needed. When the vibe is right but the excitement just can not be found. When the soul wants to move but, the sound is so robotic that it begins to suffer. And then he steps on to the scene, full of life and an originality that cannot be denied. As the music begins, without a doubt, you already know that…..THIS IS KIMALY!

 Originality, uniqueness, and an infectious sound describe the hot new artist hailing from Kingston, Jamaica.  Born in the heart of the Reggae scene, Kimaly Satchell-el always knew that he was destined to be a star. He fell in love with the music at the early age of 5 years old. His exposure started when his uncle and his friends would record in the studio and come back to play it around the house. Being amazed with the music, he started to write his own songs.

“Brought Us So Far” was the first song that the curious youth created. This turned into the start of something Kimaly can not live without. As time went on, he found himself around others his age that shared a similar passion for the music. Rhyming and just creating filled his free time until he and his family came to America during his elementary school years. Kimaly’s move to the States really provided him with the opportunity to take his craft to another level.

Kimaly found a similar group of friends shortly after he moved to Bridgeport, Connecticut. By the age of 14, he and his friends had begun to record their music on a home-made studio that they created out of an old computer and a microphone that they found. Soon, those that got the chance to experience his music felt the same passion that this youth had inside. These recordings lead to his first opportunity to perform on stage, which would be the point that solidified the start of something special.

After years of trying to find his place in music, Kimaly linked up with the JSepp Productions team at FE FE Entertainment from Syracuse NY. This is where he found his own sound and truly started to pave of own lane. His music has become a blend of rooted, almost traditional reggae sound with a strong injection of today’s hip hop influence. When asked who do you sound like or compared to, Kimaly response is always, “I sound like myself.”  Stating that his foundation comes from artist like the legendary Bob Marley, Black Uhuru, Garnett Silk, and Jadakiss, he feels his music is unique in everyway.

Kimaly’s enthusiasm, personality, and presence are traits that every producer loves to work with and every artist should admire. His drive and commitment is matched by no other. So as this artist begins the next stage in his career, listen out for his battle cry. When you hear, “THIS IS KIMALY!” take heed that the energy, the force that you needed has finally arrived.