About Us

Founded in January 2005 by Tamara Glasgow, Sepp Herbert and Billy Owens , FE FE Entertainment, LLC is on its way to establishing itself as a world-renowed entertainment company. As a full- service resource for talented artists and musicians, FE FE offers a state of the art music studio and has the capabilities to produce everything in-house from music production to music publishing.

The founders have a great understanding of what it takes to make it in the music industry. Over the years each person has built a name for themselves and seen as the “go to people” when it comes to producing a quality product. With the passion and desire to see other talented artists and musicians stake their claim in the music industry, the producers at FE FE make it a point to be there, guiding the artist every step of the way. It is with this guidance professionalism that FE FE is where it is today. the product speaks for it self.

With wider distribution, the products will bring new customers to the stores, increasing the profitability for the distributor. the potential to reach multiple markets is limitless as the albums contains music from several genres. In addition, radio, cable and print advertisements contribute to the marketability, awareness and promotion of the products.

Like any company, success is the ultimate goal. However, FE FE desires the success and longevity of artists. The ideas of creating music, developing artist and contributing to the culture of the industry are the driving forces and the cornerstone of FE FE Entertainment, LLC. FE FE’s focus is not just on making music– the dedicated staff genuinely contributes to the development of the next generation of artist for America and the world.

FE FE’s goal is to make music that will last for a long time and provide good entertainment for all who need to be entertained. At FE FE the goal is to help artists realize their highest musical potential. FE FE has the ability to cater to any recording need and any style of music. the management at FE FE believes that everything they do to help an artist achieve success will add economic value to the bottom line of the company.